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Cycling Shoes - What To Wear When Riding Your Bike

One of the nicest things about cycling is that it's generally possible to do it in your normal clothes without spending ages gtting changed, or messing around with gadgets and pieces of kit. There is however one exception - regular cycling wears out your shoes very quickly, and for this reason it's best to wear specialist cycling shoes whenever possible.

The reason why cycling is hard on shoes, is that your feet need to grip the pedals, and this grip tends to tear aware at the soles of your shoes. Thus you'll find it's a false economy to "save money" money by buying sneakers and cycling in those.

Aside from durability, there other reason to choose specialist cycling shoes if possible. Cycling shoes are designed to support the whole of your foot's sole, and this avoids you getting sore patches at the places where the pedals touch. Additionally, cycling shoes have stiffer soles than regular shoes or snickers, and this allows you both to pedal more efficiently, and also helps the blood flow freely in your feet, which will help keep you warm in cold weather, and cool in hot weather.

Clipless Pedals

Once you have become a regular cyclist, one of the things that you may wish to look into is clipless pedals. These require special shoes with metal cleats on their soles: your feet are then able to lock securely to the pedals, although you can receive instant release (for example in an emergency) by simply twisting your feet.

Shoes and cleats from different manufacturers are generally interchangeable so you can mix and match your choice of gear. In general, there are two bolt holes recessed in the sole of the shoe, and the cleat attaches to this. However, cleats and clipless pedals are generally sold together and only work in specific combinations - so for these you cant mix and match.

Here are some cycling shoes:

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Giro Carbide R Bike Shoes Mens


Giro Carbide R Bike Shoes Mens
  • Upper Material: synthetic leather
  • Footbed: molded EVA with medium arch support
  • Cleat Compatibility: 2-bolt mountain
Product Description:
Whether you're looking to test the waters of trail riding or have been shredding dirt for years and just need to replace your worn out old shoes, the Giro men's Carbide R Shoes are right on point to tackle the trail. With molded EVA footbeds for a comfy fit, a rugged outsole, and Giro's signature aesthetics, these shoes cut a clean line through the dirt and mud with style that won't get funny looks at the post-ride pizza gathering. The Carbide R features a comfortable, supportive footbed to cradle your feet and reduce fatigue. A co-molded nylon and rubber outsole provides oodles of traction and stiffness for effective power transfer while keeping the cost down compared to the high price of carbon-soled options. The upper is made of breathable synthetic leather with three hook-and-loop straps that provide a comfortable, customized fit without any irritating pressure points. To cap it all off, pre-drilled holes under the toes accommodate toe spikes for added traction during hike-a-bike situations and extra gnarly trails.

Giro Men's Treble II Bike Shoe


Giro Men s Treble II Bike Shoe
  • Universal cleat mount system accomodates both two and three boLT cleat patterns
  • Aegis anti-microbial treatment, Weight: 290 grams(size 42)
Product Description:
As you head out for your next shop ride or weekend sportive, keep your feet content and your pedal stroke efficient with Giro's Treble II Shoes. With a simple, classic design and versatile two- or three-bolt compatibility, the Treble II shoes offer comfort and functionality at a wallet-friendly price. Constructed with a breathable synthetic upper, the shoes use three hook-and-loop straps along the forefoot to allow you to customize the fit before your ride and to make quick fixes once you're in the saddle. Inside the shoes, Giro adds a molded EVA insole to promote efficiency during your pedal stroke by supporting your arches and adding cushion while an Aegis anti-microbial treatment works to hold onto that new-shoe smell for as long as possible. The injected nylon outsole will provide you with stiff, efficient power transfer whether you're working through a grueling spin interval set or trying for a PR on your favorite climb.

Giro Apeckx II Shoes - Men's


Giro Apeckx II Shoes - Men s
  • Upper Material: microfiber, mesh
  • Footbed: molded EVA insole with medium arch support
  • Cleat Compatibility: 3-bolt road
Product Description:
In the search for a solid, streamlined, road-racing shoe, it's easy to feel like you need to drop a month's rent just to get what you want. Giro solves that dilemma with the Men's Apeckx II Shoes. The Apeckx II features top-end technology, race-quality stiffness, and comfort in an affordable package that won't leave you fueling rides with nothing but noodle soup until your next paycheck. The main difference between the Apeckx II and Giro's more expensive shoes lies in the sole. Giro utilizes DuPont Zytel nylon in the place of the Easton carbon fiber in shoes like the Empire and Factor. Compared to carbon, Zytel provides similar stiffness, power transfer, and durability without the sky-high price tag. An EVA footbed with medium arch support will fit the majority of riders, but Giro's SuperNatural Fit Kit is available separately if you want to dial the fit a little further. The Apeckx II's closure system consists of a middle hook-and-loop strap that snakes through a mid-foot D-ring for excellent adjustability in tandem with a ratcheting buckle on the top strap. The middle strap essentially turns the entire panel of inner fabric into an extension of itself, eliminating pressure on the metatarsal bones by pulling equally from a large swath of material on the inside of the foot. The bottom strap adjusts the fit around the toes independently of the other straps for a comfortable ride every time you clip in.

Shimano Women's SH-RP2W Road Shoes

BLACK Apparel

Shimano Women s SH-RP2W Road Shoes
  • Claimed Weight: [size 40] 509 g
  • Sole: Glass fiber reinforced nylon
Product Description:
Designed to provide efficient comfort on recreational rides, the Shimano Women's SH-RP2 Road Shoes are perfect for beginning cyclists and feature SPD and SPD-L compatibility for indoor training or outdoor rides. Lightweight fiberglass-reinforced sole gives a direct connection to the pedals for increased power output while the synthetic leather upper enhances strength and stability. Air intake/exhaust system offers continuous ventilation, women's specific Shimano's Dynalast promotes a smoother, more energy-efficient upstroke, and triple asymmetric straps spread the tightening force evenly across the top of the foot to relieve pressure points.
  • Lightweight fiberglass-reinforced nylon sole achieves the perfect balance of stiffness and compliance
  • Shimano Dynalast with a women's specific fit ergonomically secures the foot for a more efficient upstroke
  • Women's specific last features a narrower heel cup, reduced volume, added support at the instep and a smaller toe box
  • Synthetic leather upper is supple and stretch-resistant, plus its lighter, stronger and more durable than natural leathers
  • Integrated air intake and exhaust system keeps feet dry and fresh
  • Supple padded tongue adds comfort
  • Triple asymmetrical straps prevent uncomfortable pressure on foot
  • Wider cleat adjustment range for the ideal shoe-pedal fit
  • Best matched with Shimano PD-R550, PD-R540, PD-540-LA, PD-A520* Pedals
  • *SPD pedals can be used only with SPD cleats with the adapter SM-SH40

2018 Shimano Men's RP1 Bicycling Shoes Black

Black Misc.

2018 Shimano Men s RP1 Bicycling Shoes Black
  • Comfortable fit and perfect support for pedaling
  • Soles made using lightweight fiberglass reinforced with Nylon
  • Compatible with indoor cycling friendly SPD and SPD-SL cleats
Product Description:
Whether you're riding outside or training indoors, the Shimano RP1 road shoes are the perfect support for pedaling. The RP1 shoes are made using simulated leather for the upper to provide a lighter and more durable wear than natural fibers. The soles have been crafted using lightweight fiberglass that's been reinforced with Nylon for extra strength. To secure the RP1 shoes, you just use dual hook and loop straps for a comfortable and reliable fit. The RP shoes are also compatible with SPD and SPD-SL cleats, so you can enjoy them outside or indoors. For increased visibility, there is reflective print on the heel cup.Features: Comfortable fit and perfect support for pedaling Upper made with synthetic leather for a lighter and stronger wear Soles made using lightweight fiberglass reinforced with Nylon Dual hook and loop straps provide a reliable and secure fit Compatible with indoor cycling friendly SPD and SPD-SL cleats Reflective print on the heel cup for improved visibility

Shimano SHR065 AllAround Sport Shoe Men's Cycling

Black Misc.

Shimano SHR065 AllAround Sport Shoe Men s Cycling
  • Mesh
  • Upper Material: synthetic leather
  • Footbed: Dynalast
Product Description:
Shimano SH-R065 Road Bike Shoes
High performance for the enthusiast rider with an entry level shoes. Shimano Dynalast provides a precise fit and improves pedalling efficiency, the synthetic upper with highly breathable mesh will keep feet comfortable all ride, the sole gives an excellent combination of stiffness and compliance.

Dual hook and loop straps provide reliable support
Made by light weight glass fiber reinforced nylon sole
Synthetic leather upper
SPD ; SPD-SL cleat compatible
High density synthetic mesh and leather
Weight: Size 40, 480g
Cleats not included

BV Bike Cleats Compatible with Look Delta (9 Degree Float) - Indoor Cycling & Road Bike Bicycle Cleat Set


BV Bike Cleats Compatible with Look Delta (9 Degree Float) - Indoor Cycling & Road Bike Bicycle Cleat Set
List Price: $17.99*
Lowest New Price: $10.00*
Usually ships in 24 hours*
*(As of 00:59 Pacific 21 Apr 2018 More Info)

Click Here
  • Adjustable 3-hole arrangement for ultimate stability.
  • 9 degree float system for your riding comfort
  • Incompatible with "Keo" system and "Shimano" system
Product Description:

BV Road Cycling Cleats for Look Delta, 9 Degree Float ,Great Quality Guarantee

  • Delivers your best power and performance.
  • Super-smooth and easy entry/exit into your clipless pedals, excellent durability
  • Fit Most of the "Road bike" shoes with 3-hole design

9 Degree Floating System for Your Comfort and Cycling Efficiency

  • 9 degree float system can allow you to have some lateral movement for comfort and to avoid injury

BV is continuously improving and evolving for our customer needs. Our goal is your 100% satisfaction.
We offer every customer a limited one-year product warranty on every item purchased

Louis Garneau Women's Multi Air Flex Fitness/Mountain Cycling Shoe

Louis Garneau

Louis Garneau Women s Multi Air Flex Fitness/Mountain Cycling Shoe
  • The Multi Air Flex shoes are perfect for all your riding needs from training to commuting to weekend rides. The outsole offers good toe flexion for walking while preventing heel pressure.
  • The standard, roomier fit offers more comfort for all-day riding. The HRS-80 retention holds the heel firmly in place.
  • The Multi Air Flex shoes weigh 2800 g. The SPD cleats fit all major MTB pedals. The heel reflector ups the safety with improved visibility.
Product Description:
The versatile Multi Air Flex cycling shoes are perfect for all your riding needs, training, commuting or your weekend rides. The ventilated composite Multi Air Flex outsole offers good toe flexion for walking while preventing heel pressure and, combined with the ventilated EVA insole, it ensures through-and-through ventilation that helps prevent overheating. Inside the cup, the HRS-80 retention keeps the heel firmly in place and the hook and loop fastener straps are easy to adjust and provide good support.

Giro Techne Cycling Shoes - Men's


Giro Techne Cycling Shoes - Men s
  • Classic 3-strap synthetic upper
  • Die-cut insoles
Product Description:
The TechneTM road shoe offers the comfort you'd expect from Giro with the quick adjustment provided by a classic three-strap retention system. The three straps provide a great range of fits, and they're easy to use so you can quickly get your shoes on for the ride or indoor cycling class. Our universal 3/2 nylon outsole allows you to mount either mountain bike or road cleats depending on your pedal preference.

Giro Rumble VR Cycling Shoe - Men's


Giro Rumble VR Cycling Shoe - Men s
  • Vibram rubber outsole provides superior traction when used with flat pedals and is flexible enough for on foot pursuits
  • Precision Fit last hugs the foot closely without binding, crowding or discomfort
  • Molded EVA footbed and midsole with medium arch support for comfort
Product Description:
Designed for on and off the bike performance, the Giro Rumble VR MTB Shoes feature a powerful platform for high-efficiency pedaling and a high-traction rubber outsole for walking comfort. Vibram rubber outsole grips flat pedals while flexing just enough for off-the-bike pursuits. Injected inner shank transfers power and molded EVA footbed and midsole offers cushioned support. Supple, yet resilient microfiber/mesh upper enhances breathability and easy-to-adjust, non-slip laces give a precise fit. Vibram rubber outsole provides superior traction when used with flat pedals and is flexible enough for on foot pursuits Molded SPD compatible shank with optimized cleat zone for stiffness Precision Fit last hugs the foot closely without binding, crowding or discomfort High quality, microfiber and mesh upper is breathable, supple and water-resistant Molded EVA footbed and midsole with medium arch support for comfort Non-slip laces with hidden lace pockets to eliminate snags Accommodates SPD clipless pedals, flat pedals and toe clips with straps

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